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April 20, 2017

Representatives from The Town of Robbins and The County of Moore continue to discuss the future of water opportunities in northern Moore County. Town leaders are pleased with the tone of the conversation and are optimistic that an agreement could be reached to satisfy the needs of both entities.

Robbins is committed to improving water quality for citizens while also minimizing the impact on water rates for our community. Robbins remains open to negotiations with our current water provider and other possible water sources to accomplish that goal. After further discussions with the County, Robbins is immediately interested in the proposed “phase one” part of the project that would enable Robbins to be a bulk customer of Moore County. The Town is optimistic regarding later phases of the project.

Robbins believes that improving our water infrastructure is fundamental to enhancing the economic vitality of northern Moore County and such improvements could significantly decrease existing economic disparities. Robbins welcomes further conversations with Moore County.

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