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Economic Development

Consider the GPS. It’s usefulness is dependent upon knowing where you are and where you want to be. Robbins has been thinking a lot about this lately. For years the path of economic prosperity has been a one-way street to urban centers or foreign markets. We need to make a U-turn and re-route economic opportunity to rural communities like Robbins. Robbins is committed to attracting businesses and leveraging our community assets. Robbins is a beautiful rural community with lots of hiking trails and outdoor activities. Robbins is a rugged, rural adventure.

We choose this symbol to represent our economic development efforts. The GPS Coordinates lead people to Robbins and reminds us of our goal to reroute economic opportunity to rural communities. It also happens to be a nod to our outdoor hiking community assets. These GPS Coordinates leads the natives home and beckons visitors to have a taste of the good life!

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