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Robbins Alive!

What is RobbinsAlive! anyway?

RobbinsAlive! is a movement to make our town a better place to live, work, and play.  It’s also contagious, like a virus (a good one).  People catch the bug by coming to a meeting, attending an event, or volunteer their time.

RobbinsAlive! is the citizen group that wrote and won the $200,000 grant to fix up the town.  It’s not town government, but it works to complement the legislative and administrative functions of the Town.  It’s a group that realizes that there is no They.  As in, "When will They solve that problem". RobbinsAlive! is the spirit of WeWe are the ones to make Robbins what We want it to be.

So if there are things you'd like to improve about Robbins, get involved! For more information, please stop by Town Hall, or call (910) 948-2431.

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